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Shaking tables are gravity concentrating devices that separate material based upon differing densities of the material. They are widely used in concentrating of high density material such as tungsten, tin, tantalum, columbium, iron, manganese, chrome, titanium, bismuth, lead, gold and other precious metals, base metals, rare metals and non-metallic minerals.

Shaking tables are used mainly in beneficiation of mineral sand, but also can be used for treatment of slime ore. The transverse tilt of deck can be easily adjusted and the range of stroke is very large.

Basic Construction

Head Motion The head motion is of rugged construction and requires minimum maintenance. Its internal mechanism is splash lubricated from an integral oil sump.

Decks The decks are built of fiberglass reinforced with fabricated steel frames at the bottom and are easy to clean, requiring little maintenance.

Feed and Water Box A wooden feed distributing box with hopper and a long water box are attached to the iron of the deck, giving a very even distribution of feed and water.

Hand Tables are furnished right or left hand.

Base A choice of ordinary type, groove steel support or big channel steel support is available.

shaking table surface


There are three distinct deck designs available. The course ore deck is designed for recovering particles sized from 0.5 mm to 2 mm; the fine sand deck is designed for recovering fine particles in the range of 0.074 mm to 0.5 mm; the slime deck is designed for recovering super extremely fine particles in the range of 0.05 mm to 0.074 mm.

Specification of Shaking Table
Name Unit Course Ore Deck Fine Sand Deck Slime Deck
Deck Size Length mm 4450 4450 4450
Transmission End Width mm 1855 1855 1855
Concentrate End Width mm 1546 1546 1546
Maximum Feeding Size mm 2 0.5 0.15
Feeding Amount t/hr 30-60 10-20 15-25
Feeding Density % 25-30 20-25 15-25
Stroke mm 16-22 11-16 8-16
Frequency f 45-48 18-53 50-57
Water Added t/d 80-150 30-60 10-17
Transverse Tilt of Deck ° 2°30-4°30 1°30-3°30 1°-2°
Longitudinal Tilt of Deck ° 1.4 0.92 --
Beneficiation Area m2 7.6 7.6 7.6
Cross-section Shape of Deck -- rectangular sawtooth triangle
Motor Power kW 1.1 1.1 1.1
Transmission Mechanism -- Eccentric linkage